So officially this is the last day to finish my website. 
So last night from 7pm until 11pm I worked on my poster and got it finished! Now all I have left to do is add some comments to the videos and write a small thing to add to my poster :)

day 7



  • uploaded pictures: tick!
  • instructions/original writing: tick!
  • comments on videos: to do
  • look book: tick! (although I could still add more)
  • inspiration page: tick
  • poster: today's project!

Today at at lunch time I am going down town to purchase items for my poster. For my poster I am planning on covering a large piece of cardboard in denim. Then I am going to print off pictures of all the different types of shorts that I have DIY videos on my website. I will include a paragraph encouraging people to buy jeans from the op shop then check out my website. 

day 6



So today is Tuesday, our website is due Thursday and at the moment I feel like I have more to do than I have accomplished.
What I have left to do is:
~ upload a video or pictures
~ an original piece of writing (instructions)
~ comments on videos
~ look book
~ fashion icons page (which I may or may not do)
~ most importantly, my poster

I have two days....

day 5



Today I need to do something I've neglected to do for the past few weeks...... a bibliography and cite any pictures, videos and websites.
Now that iIve got everything cited, I need to work out where and how to upload it to my site.

day 4



today my plan is to get the video page of shorts/pants/skirts etc finished. I deleted the video page for blazers and coats because there aren't that many DIY videos and I figured that they could go on the shirts and dresses page. I also need to do a video or description (own piece of writing). I was thinking I might do a do a video or description of DIYing a pair of shorts because I just got a whole heap of jeans to turn into shorts. 

I pretty much got the page finished YAY! one down 5+ to go.....yaaaaaaaay.

day 3


1 Comment

I today my plan of attack is to create 1 if not 2 albums on my inspiration page. 

I managed to get one album up titled 'shorts'. It took me awhile because I was commenting on each photo how to create it or linking the video on how to create it which defeated the purpose of "inspireration". My orginal idea was it was just photos with maybe a small comment for those people who dont want to watch some 10+ minute long video when all you need is the idea and not the directions.

day 2



Today my plan so far is:
~ to make sure everything is on the right page 
~ have 90% of the title pictures up
~ give credit to all the people who have made the videos that I have put up so far
 and I have 10 minutes to do this......

Tasks accomplished :) (mostly)
I feel like I need to start working on just one page at a time instead of randomly adding different things when I see them. From now on, if I find something for another page, I need to just save the link/picture or whatever and come back to it. Hopefully this will help me stay focused rather than spending my time on google images looking at pretty ideas.....  

day 1



So, the first day of my website whoop whoop!!  pretty much all I'll be doing today is getting the pages and titles and pictures and possibly some videos sorted out...... cant say I'm not excited :)